Peter Biedermann has been playing guitar, composing and performing live since 1977. He has also played numerous styles of music in various bands, starting with  the band PING. PING started out as an instrumental guitar duo with Ian Smit in 1984. The idea then, as it is now, was to combine acoustic and electronic elements and create electro-acoustic soundscapes originally developed by the likes of Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, David Torn and many other lesser known pioneers of ambient musical sound structures. The majority of the material played during this period was original with the occasional obscure cover thrown in. The duo performed between 1985 to 1990. A recording capturing two of the original tunes was completed in early 1987 and was produced by David Torn. This recording is available only on cassette and is now out of print.

Phase II of PING started up in early 1991. The addition of Joe Lentine on drums, electronic percussion and samples moved the band into a larger spectrum of sound production and performance. The trio attempted to bridge the energy gap left in the wake of the electric Miles Davis / Tony Williams Lifetime / Mahavishnu Orchestra spirit of the late 60's / early 70's as well as continuing experiments with the aforementioned ambient soundscaping. Again, the main thrust was original music with a sprinkling of obscure covers. The trio performed live between 1992 to 2001. A self titled recording was released in 1994 and is out of print.

Beginning in the summer of 2000, the main focus shifted to writing, performing and recording solo guitar pieces; many incorporating a hybrid style combining fingerstyle acoustic via six and twelve string guitars with electronic ambient soundscapes and looping in real time. The music was an extension of the original concept that began in 1977 albeit without the rhythmic intensity associated with PING. Three recordings highlighting this phase of development are documented on "Sound & Spirit" (2000), "In Theory" (2001) and "The Learning Curve" (2001)

The summer of 2002 brought forth the incorporation of rhythmic elements via real time drumming as well as sampled drum and ambient keyboard loops courtesy of Colin Biedermann. The music written during this period harkened back to PING phase II, albeit with more modern electronic processing equipment. The results were documented on three recordings: "White Magick", "Centerpoint" , and "Peter & Colin Biedermann Live - April 19, 2004" (out of print)

2005 brought yet another phase of development with the addition of Jim Stagnitto on trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards and laptop electronics. Colin B. also has updated his approach to rhythmic and electronic manipulation by utilizing laptop programming. The new ensemble is now producing music under the banner "White Light". Two recordings "Definitely" and "White Light - WFMU Live - May 2, 2005" (out of print) were released in 2005.

After the tragic passing of Colin Biedermann on 8/27/05, White Light continued to forge ahead in 2006 with the addition of drummer / electronic and acoustic percussionist Steve Meltzer and occasionally Steve Peckman on sax / EWI and Kevin Brown on bass. All three of these musicians also perform in the Monkeyworks ensemble fronted by former PING member Ian Smit. One live recording documenting the more experimental leanings of the group was released that year under the title "Live...coming to a theater near you..."  

PB took a hiatus from performing from the fall of 2007 until the spring of 2008 due to personal reasons. A transition to solo acoustic playing became the focus in 2008 and continues into 2011. The fall of 2008 also began a string of performances in libraries, house concerts, churches and other similar listener friendly performance spaces. A studio EP entitled "Rumination" was released in March 2009. Two new live recordings culled from various performances in 2010 "Live...coming to a library near you" and "Live @ Salon 33" were released in June 2011.

A new project working under the banner Serious Fun featuring poet John Hammel, keyboardist Anthony LaMort and PB is in full swing. Two new recordings entitled "The Red House Panties" and "An American Anthem" were released in August and October 2011 respectively.

Another new project combining the duo forces of Anthony LaMort and PB (under the banner Amalgamation) was recorded in March 2013. The recording is entitled "Watch Your Step" and includes some of the most uncompromising electronic music produced up to this point. The recording will only be available via mail through this website.

A new solo recording entitled "Tales From The Desert" was recorded over two days in October 2014 and was released in January 2015. This will be the first full length solo studio recording since "The Learning Curve" in 2001.