Reasons to Add an Electric
Tankless Water Heater to Your Home

Peter Biedermann is an official representative of Simply Green, offering electric tankless water heaters to homeowners throughout Canada. What does that mean? It means that you can go to Peter Biedermann if you want an option to save on your energy bills or if you are sick of the heat loss that comes from an old hot water tank. A tankless electric water heater is a good option for many homes, and you should doubly consider one if you meet any of the following criteria.

You Want to Save Energy

Whether you are looking to cut down on your energy bills, want to take better care of the environment, or both, a tankless electric hot water makes good sense. A water heater with a tank has to start working periodically through the day in order to keep the water at a consistently high temperature. This means more energy usage and more heat loss from the water. By comparison, an electric on demand water heater only heats the water when you need it the most. This does cause a few seconds of delay in getting your hot water, but the water then stays at a consistent temperature and you never run the risk of suddenly losing heat because you’ve reached the end of you boiler tank’s capacity.

You Live in a Rural Area

Tankless water heaters do come in gas varieties as well as electric ones. In most cases, when comparing a gas vs electric water heater, natural gas is the less expensive option. However, using natural gas also means relying on your local gas company. Some rural areas in Canada don’t have gas lines that can connect to homes in the region, which means that an electric tankless hot water heater serves as the best alternative. You also might wish to go electric instead of gas if you are concerned with the up-front cost of the heater – gas units, while more cost effective in the long run, can cost two or three times more than electric units to install.

You Want to Supplement Your Hot Water

A tankless hot water heater connects directly to your pipes and heats up the water as you need it, which means that you don’t necessarily need to rely on it for all hot water if you don’t want. If you prefer using a tankless water heater as a supplement while also maintaining a main heat source, electric is a great way to go. Using an electric heater means that you don’t have to worry about keeping a pilot light burning in a gas unit, which is one more way to save a little energy.

If you choose this option, just be sure to read electric tankless water heater reviews to make sure that you identify which SimplyGreen product will work best for your supplemental heating needs. SimplyGreen offers you the best choice for an electric tankless water heater in Canada, both due to breadth of options and the ability to rent the heater if the up-front cost is too much for you. Contact Peter Biedermann today to learn how you can save energy and money by switching to an electric tankless heater.

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Before retiring next year, I wanted to spend this year replacing a few things around the house. A new water heater was at the top of the list. Simply Green's agent pointed out the efficiency of a tankless model, so I said why not? So happy I did!



The consultation was very informative and the sales rep was knowledgeable in explaining what products would work best for me and my husband. The water tank was a great choice and has saved us a lot on our bills for the past four months. I'd definitely suggest looking into it.


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I booked a consultation with Simply Green. They responded the fastest when submitting an online quote. They were very courteous and happily answered all my questions. In no time at all everything was taken care of. I'd highly recommend your company to anyone.

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