Gas Tankless Water Heaters

No matter what sort of home you own, a gas tankless water heater makes a lot of sense. Installing a tankless gas water heater can help save on energy bills, ensure that you get hot water immediately without worrying about emptying your boiler, and have a water heater that lasts for a longer period of time. For your water heating needs, Canadian residents should consider reaching out to SimplyGreen dealer Peter Biedermann, who provides some of the best options for a gas tankless water heater in Canada.

Tankless versus Traditional Hot Water Heaters

A traditional gas water heater suffers from what is known as standby heat loss. This terms refers to the fact that a standard gas heater has to fire up again and again throughout the day to keep the water in the boiler at a certain temperature. Whenever you don’t have your hot water faucet turned on, the water is just sitting unused in a tank. However, the heater itself has to keep that water hot in case you need it. By comparison, a tankless gas hot water heater heats the water as it flows through your pipes. This results in almost no standby heat loss. In the space of a few seconds, your water heats up to the level you want it. The lack of water storage reduces energy consumption and increases the life of the water heater by as much as 10 years.

Gas versus Electric Water Heaters

A less clear-cut decision for buyers of tankless water waters comes when they need to choose between the three most common heater types: gas, electric, and propane. Peter Biedermann provides SimplyGreen technology that fits all three fuel types, but the final decision depends on your household needs. In the gas vs electric water heater debate, a natural gas water heater tends to cost more up front to install. However, it can be rented if needed, decreasing the initial investment. Natural gas is highly efficient and less likely to need an upgrade in the future. Electric water heaters provide good point of use options if you only need to heat a few faucets and are excellent for boosting an existing system. However, they do cost more on a monthly basis, which somewhat offsets their lower initial price point.

Gas versus Propane Water Heaters

In addition to gas and electric, you can also choose a tankless propane water heater. While natural gas is piped into your home from a gas company, a propane hot water heater usually draws from a tank next to your home, giving you a local source of fuel. Propane water heaters can heat water up faster and hotter than most electric models, and are generally comparable to gas heaters in terms of initial price. Unfortunately, the monthly cost of propane is significantly higher than natural gas.

However, propane still remains popular in rural areas. Since gas lines don’t go to all homes in those areas, propane makes for a solid alternative. Overall, most people opt for natural gas water heaters, although the other options do have some benefits. When you need a gas water heater in Canada, be sure to reach out to Peter Biedermann. He can provide all varieties of SimplyGreen tankless heaters and can provide you with valuable information that can help you save money on energy costs.

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