When Water Heater
Rental is Right for You

When you want a new water heater but don’t want to be crippled by the costs, consider water heater rental. This service allows you to get the equipment installed quickly and then pay for it over the life of the heater. Whether you live in Regina, Toronto, or anywhere in between, you should consult Peter Biedermann for your tankless water heater rental needs. As an official dealer in SimplyGreen services, he can help you get your new heater quickly and easily.

When the Equipment Costs too Much

The biggest reason to look into water heater rental in Ontario or elsewhere in Canada is because the cost of buying the equipment and getting it installed is simply out of many people’s price range. If you are on a fixed or limited income, you can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars to have an installer put in a hot water heater. At the same time, you can’t afford to ignore an inefficient or damaged boiler, either. The water heater rental cost is much lower than buying it outright, with the cost of the equipment folded into convenient monthly payments that you can spread out over a period of up to seven years. This makes it easier on your budget and ensures that you won’t lose hot water while saving up money for a fix.

When You Want
Protection Against Damages

Even the best-made equipment breaks down eventually, and sometimes something unexpected goes wrong. Hot water heater rental provides you with a measure of protection against this problem. Equipment from SimplyGreen comes with a warranty that protects the equipment for the life of the product. This means that even if something goes wrong, you can get it fixed right away at no extra cost. Should things go catastrophically wrong and require a new installation, you have protection against that as well. Water heater rental in Regina, Toronto, and other Canadian cities is often very cost effective for this precise reason, since old homes and Canadian winters can something cause the unexpected to happen.

When You Know You’ll Upgrade the Equipment

In many ways, you can think of hot water heater rental in Toronto as something akin to leasing a car. Many people choose to lease a vehicle instead of buying it outright because they know they will upgrade to the newer model once the lease has been paid off. This allows them to stay current, always take advantage of the latest technological upgrades, and maintain one consistent budget year after year. While renting a water heater involves a longer term, you can view it in the same way.

Once the equipment is paid for, you are free to consider either a further upgrade to a newer model or other home improvement projects that can make your house more energy efficient. There are many reasons to look into water heater rental in Toronto and beyond. Regardless of the reason that interests you, reaching out to Peter Biedermann to explore the options provided by SimplyGreen products in the best choice you can make.

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Before retiring next year, I wanted to spend this year replacing a few things around the house. A new water heater was at the top of the list. Simply Green's agent pointed out the efficiency of a tankless model, so I said why not? So happy I did!



The consultation was very informative and the sales rep was knowledgeable in explaining what products would work best for me and my husband. The water tank was a great choice and has saved us a lot on our bills for the past four months. I'd definitely suggest looking into it.


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I booked a consultation with Simply Green. They responded the fastest when submitting an online quote. They were very courteous and happily answered all my questions. In no time at all everything was taken care of. I'd highly recommend your company to anyone.

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