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As an official dealer and re-seller of SimplyGreen tankless water heaters, Peter Biedermann can provide aid and guidance in the installation process. Any tankless water heater installation also requires the removal of certain equipment and hardware left behind by the old water heater. If you rent or buy a new tankless water heater, you can expect the installation to go through the following steps with you to make sure the final result with which you are happy.

Determining Cost

Before a tankless water heater installation begins, the installer will look over your home and provide a quote that gives you a rough idea of the total cost of the job. A typical tankless water heater installation can cost between $2,500 and $3,500, depending on the installer and the amount of extra work that needs to be done in order to connect your pipes. If a particular quote seems high to you, make sure to get a second quote for the sake of comparison. If the tankless water heater installation cost still seems to be beyond what you can afford, you may wish to inquire about renting the equipment. This can reduce the cost dramatically, allowing you to pay the heater off over several years instead of all at once.

Removing Old Equipment

No water heater replacement is complete until the old water heater is removed from the building. In particularly old houses that don’t have an easy entrance or egress, this might require the disassembly of the furnace or water heater before it can be taken out of the home. Since installers charge for labor, such a task may add to your overall water heater installation costs. This is not to say that this situation automatically creates an expensive installation job, however. If you are installing a gas heater, the existing gas mane can usually connect to the tankless heater. This can mitigate some of the other fees associated with the final gas tankless water heater installation cost.

Connecting the Tankless Heater

Once the water heater and installation cost has been settled and you have either made arrangements to pay for the equipment or rent it over a period of time, it’s time to install the tankless heater. This is a fairly straightforward process, since the heater connects directly to the water pipes. When you turn on a faucet, the water runs through the heater and immediately warms up to the temperature you desire. If you plan to use a tankless heater as a supplement rather than your main water source, more than one unit may be strategically placed to make sure that the appropriate pipes receive heat.

When you need hot water heater replacement in Vancouver, Peter Biedermann is the person you should consult. He can set you up with supplies from SimplyGreen as well as guidance on the installation process. From there, getting your water heater service up and running should be very straightforward and cost-effective, allowing you to save one energy costs and get more efficient hot water right away.

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Before retiring next year, I wanted to spend this year replacing a few things around the house. A new water heater was at the top of the list. Simply Green's agent pointed out the efficiency of a tankless model, so I said why not? So happy I did!



The consultation was very informative and the sales rep was knowledgeable in explaining what products would work best for me and my husband. The water tank was a great choice and has saved us a lot on our bills for the past four months. I'd definitely suggest looking into it.


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I booked a consultation with Simply Green. They responded the fastest when submitting an online quote. They were very courteous and happily answered all my questions. In no time at all everything was taken care of. I'd highly recommend your company to anyone.

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